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About Action Collection Agency of Boston

Action Collection Agency was founded in Boston in 1967. Since then, it had established offices in throughout eastern Massachusetts. The company had been continuously operated by its founders, John F. "Jack" Lacey and, until 1988, the late Raymond L. Hill.

Action Collection Agencies, Inc., ("ACA") a Massachusetts Sub-chapter S corporation, was formed in 1991 by ACA's President and owner, Jay E. Gonsalves, at the time of the acquisition of the agencies from Jack Lacey, who remained on for the next ten years as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Following an eleven-year career in the hospital industry, Jay was a senior executive at one of the largest healthcare collection agencies in Boston for eight years. He holds a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Administration. Jay is a past president of ACA International, Inc. (formerly the American Collectors Association), and also chaired its national healthcare services and interstate commerce committees. He is a past president of the New England Chapter of the American Collectors Association and current chairman of its legislative committee. He has attained the ACA International designations of International Fellowship of Credit and Collection Executives (IFCCE), Master Credit Executive (MCE), and Certified Instructor. Jay frequently speaks on credit and collection industry matters in the United States and internationally.

ACA's Director of Operations, Brian Chamberlain, has an equally solid background in national and healthcare collection operation and call center management. Between them, they share well over forty years of collection experience, and represent an ideal combination of long-term financial and operational stability, contemporary collection management and technology expertise, and solid commitment to client servicing.

Our company has grown to the point where it employs approximately forty individuals in its new Middleboro office location where it has consolidated all collection operations as of January 2009. We are operational from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.

ACA's stability and growth has been due, in large part, to the professionalism, dedication and experience of our employees. Our staff has an average length of service of over six years, and several have been with the company almost since its inception forty years ago; an unusal phenomenon in the collection industry. Our collectors are provided with the best possible work environment and tools with which to do their jobs. Each receives comprehensive training using ACA, International training programs, and are well-educated in all state and federal collection regulations.

Our clients include many of the larger medical facilities and physician networks, as well as small group practices and clinics. Many of our original clients are still with us today, enjoying the quality of service, appreciation, and respect that they have come to expect from our agency.