Action Collection of Boston

Collection Procedures

Medical & healthcare collection procedures, New England, MA, RI, CT, ME, NH, VT

Every effort is made to see that all new accounts are entered into our collection system the day on which we receive them. This generates our first collection notice. Each new account is held for one week to give the debtors time to either pay the balance in full or respond. If the matter has not been resolved at the end of this period, the account is contacted by telephone, usually via our predictive dialer.

At thirty days, and no contact, a second notice is sent and telephone attempts are continued. Collectors determine when, and if, further correspondence is appropriate.

We always strive for payment-in-full ("PIF"). There are instances, however, when PIF is not realistic and it becomes necessary to either set up a repayment plan or negotiate a settlement. Such arrangements are entered into selectively with prompt resolution of the debt our utmost goal. "Broken promises" (i.e., those accounts -- PIF's and installments -- not paying by the agreed-upon payment date) are queued-up and worked as a priority.

Check and credit card payments can be made directly to us and online on this website (Make Payments).

Accounts are randomly distributed among the collection staff ensuring equal treatment of all balance sizes on all clients. Our collectors are rewarded on the number of payments received, as well as total dollar amount collected, making sure that all account inventories are completely covered. Accounts are reviewed monthly for proper follow-up or deletion when all collection efforts have been exhausted.

All collection procedures and processes are conducted in accordance with all relevent federal and state debt collection regulations.


Most all of our accounts are skiptraced when necessary. In addition to the various "scrubber" filters employed by our letter service on our out-going letter files, we also utilize Accurint®, the industry recognized leader in locating technology for more specialized skip-tracing.

As members of Experian, we also have the ability to access the various credit reports, trade lines, and other pertinent financial information.

In order for us to handle all accounts effectively, we have certain guidelines on skiptracing. On accounts with balances under one-hundred dollars we check "nearby's", places of business, same first and last name, etc. Balances over one-hundred dollars are subject to more detailed and extensive skiptracing procedure.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Another feature of our membership in Experian is the ability to report (with your authorization) debtors to the credit bureau. We run monthly tape-to-tape transfers from our system to theirs.

Client Services

ACA has always placed a high premium on client servicing. We specifically designate a department at our agency whose staff's only responsibility is to manage the day-to-day relationship with our clients. This includes responding to client requests and inquiries, furnishing information, etc. It may also involve initiating contact with clients for payment verification, authorizing settlements or legal action, etc. This department allows our collection and management staff to concentrate solely upon working your accounts.

Externally, an account executive is assigned to you whose obligation it is to ensure, through regularly scheduled visits, that your needs are being met at the agency and that you are satisfied with the service and performance.