Action Collection of Boston


Healthcare collections technology, Action Collection, MA

ACA has its own in-house, fully-automated, "state-of-the-art" collection system, which is operated in a virtual server, Microsoft Azure/Cisco-secured environment. Our data is replicated between on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft Azure, to achieve the best redundancy possible. All data is secured using the latest encryption, at rest and in motion. The collection software, DebtMaster, is the newest Windows-based release from Comtronic Systems, and is extremely powerful and flexible, in both its functionality and reporting capability. It is continually upgraded based upon our needs, as well as those of our clients and the projects we undertake on their behalf.

In addition to our core collection system, we also employ the use of highly sophisticated computer telephony, predictive dialing, IVR automated messaging and account scoring technology as well. Cloud-based TCN dialer and on-premises IP Office by AVAYA, Computer Instruments, and XIMA ChroniCall reporting system, is their newest release and allows our collectors to have fully integrated computer telephony at their desktops. These systems are also redundant, being cloud based and on-premises. Scoring technology via Connance EVI determines patient "propensity-to-pay" and allows for more intelligent, outcome-based resource allocation in the collection processes.

These various technologies allow our collectors the greatest desktop access and flexibility in managing their accounts employing various collection strategies as necessary and appropriate.

We can both accept new business and remit via either electronic, SFTP, or other media transmission, whichever is most consistent with information system and protocols.

We can also accept online payments, both from credit cards and personal or business checks. Payments can be made online through our website, or patient payment portal,

Since our systems are controlled in-house and technologically advanced, we are able to tailor a collection program to meet specific client needs. This customization includes, but is not limited to, pre-collection/"early-out" programs, special notice texts, and reporting formats.

Reports are routinely provided detailing the following:

  • Acknowledgment (upon receipt of accounts)
  • Monthly activity/invoice (month end report)
  • Recovery and placement analysis (month end or on demand production report)
  • "Stair-step" recovery report (analysis of recovery by age of placement)
  • Closed and return listing (upon return of accounts)
  • Debtor status report (on demand inventory and status report)
  • Address change report (month end upon discovering new addresses)